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Our Library Catalog

Our library catalog is now on-line at "librarything". You can review the list of books anytime on this website. You can check-out the books at our monthly meetings. Click on "Books from my Library Thing" to go to our guild's catalog of library books.
We're looking for feedback. Please use this link to give feedback:

Here are some hints for using the catalog

  • Click on "Books from my LibraryThing" to go to the catalog. You can see all the library without logging in nor joining.

  • After you get to the catalog, you can sort the list by clicking on the column headings. For example, you can click on the word "title" to sort by title, or the word "author" to sort by author.

  • You can click on an item in the "tag" column to find all the books in the library with that tag.

  • You can click on the "Tags" button at the top of the page under "Your books" to see all the tags available in the library, then click on a specific tag to find the books with that tag.

  • You can click on the open book at the left of any specific title to see the details of that book. Once you get to the details, you can click on "Amazon (direct)" to see the Amazon listing of that book. It includes user reviews of the book.